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Ivan J. Perez

Ivan is a well-known veteran in the shipping industry and the Caribbean in particular. He began with Caribtrans at a young age in 1987; he learned the ropes in the warehouse in a variety of positions until he became Warehouse Manager in 1991. In 1995 he was promoted into sales as an Account Executive and was shortly thereafter transferred to St. Maarten; which he would call home and from where he would extensively travel to the other Islands. Through his accomplishments he was again promoted in 1997, this time to Sales Manager. A few years later in 2001, he was once again promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, a position he held and was very successful at until parting ways in 2014. Ivan was a key player and instrumental to the growth and success of the company. After riding out a non-compete contract, he founded CARIBCONEX. Ivan is known for providing the very best customer service and for being a loyal friend to everybody that he has dealt with over the years. Now that he is reunited with his old management team and friends, together they will grow CARIBCONEX into a force to be reckoned with. Today he still divides his time between St. Maarten and Miami.


Carmen Rojas

Carmen has a wealth of experience in the shipping industry and is well known and respected throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, she is well liked by all that have dealt with her over the past 35 years. She was one of the original management team members at the startup of Caribtrans in 1985 and remained with the company in the position of Traffic Manager, until she parted ways in April of 2017. In May of 2017 she was asked by Manny Sola to join him and her old team mates as General Manager of CARIBCONEX and she quite happily accepted. Carmen is well respected by customers, employees and agents alike for her customer service, her ability to get things done properly and for her capable management style and attention to detail. There is little doubt that her contributions will be significant and will help take CARIBCONEX very far. She is happily reunited with her original management team and long-term friends. Carmen is also involved in new market development, and responsible for the training of new overseas offices and agents.


Robert Giraldo

Robert has extensively travelled and lived in the Caribbean, he worked doing sales for Caribtrans throughout the Caribbean. In 2016 he was happily reunited with his old teammates when he joined CARIBCONEX in the dual role of Sales Manager and Island Manager for Antigua. While he is still based in Antigua, Robert is responsible for managing all sales and marketing efforts for the company in the Eastern Caribbean. He is well liked by all customers and team mates and adds a wealth of experience to the CARIBCONEX Management team. He feels great to be at home, reunited with his original co-workers and friends. One thing that is certain is that with the team that has been assembled at CARIBCONEX the real winners are our customers and agents.


Raul Gonzalez

Raul is also an industry veteran with a wealth of experience in managing a warehouse properly. He also worked at Caribtrans for many years in a variety of positions; he served in the capacities of receiving manager, loading manager and eventually over-all warehouse manager. He has also worked as general manager for V.I. Cargo so his experience goes well beyond those of just managing warehouse operations. When he was asked to join the CARIBCONEX family, he was happy and eager to do so as he knew fully well that with the mentality of the entire team being assembled, that CARIBCONEX is headed towards greatness and he is elated to fulfill a very important part of our management team. Raul feels right at home with his old team mates and friends While a great management team is instrumental to the success of any organization, it takes a great staff and a great network of offices and agents, all working together towards the common goal of truly being the very best at what we do. The most important job of our management team is to recruit, nurture and work closely with a close - knit team that will work hand in hand as a family. We will always strive to do exactly that in our never - ending quest of becoming # 1 in terms of customer satisfaction. You will see many familiar faces that you have worked with and trusted throughout the years are now part of our family. Whether it is in the USA or abroad, whether it is in sales, customer service or warehouse operations, we always deploy the very best. Because we clearly understand that it is the sum of all parts that will forever distinguish CARIBCONEX from the rest. Join our vast family of satisfied customers and you will soon find that you have found a great new home for all of your logistics and shipping needs in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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    AKO Cargo
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